The Syndicate is a shadow organization with eyes and ears in every government in the world. They watch and listen, and they wait. Nobody knows who they are or where they originated, but every time something strange and unusual happens, the Syndicate is there. And before anyone knows what happened, they’re gone.

The people of the world are in danger, and they don’t even know it. Supernatural artifacts and paranormal creatures are scattered everywhere, if one knows where to look. Fortunately for the world, the Syndicate knows how to find these anomalies before disaster can strike. That’s where the Crimson Hand comes in.

Devoted to tracking and retrieving anomalous artifacts and monsters, the Crimson Hand has agents all over the globe. The world isn’t ready for the power of anomalies, and it’s up to Crimson Hand agents to protect them from the dangers of the supernatural. They deploy, retrieve anomalies before innocents can be harmed, and return them to the nearest Syndicate stronghold for analysis.

That is, when the agents make it back at all.

Welcome to Crimson Fist, a D&D 3.5 campaign heavily inspired by the short horror stories of the SCP Foundation. The main force of the campaign, the Syndicate, is basically as close to the SCP as I could get in a standard fantasy setting.

Each ‘quest’ given to the players deals with one of the SCPs, which I select completely at random. For their first quest I only drew from the Safe level SCPs, the second quest I drew from the combined pool of Safe and Euclid, and from there on they get whatever SCP I draw. In the case of many Euclid and Keter level anomalies and their assorted deadliness, I will have a stack of freshly printed character sheets at the table for the inevitable fatalities that will surely ensue.

So, the players are at the mercy of the thousand or so possible anomalies I’m drawing from. I will, of course, adapt each SCP to fit into a fantasy setting (there’s no guns or computers here, so many technological artifacts will be changed accordingly), but I’ll do my best to retain the spirit of the thing. And this is D&D, so naturally there will be some nasty encounters with mundane threats along the way.

So to my players: good luck (you’ll need it). And to everyone else, enjoy: the wiki is just this way, and do check out the session writeups, posted for your convenience right below these words.

The story so far…

The Briefing

Assignment Zero: The Immortal Iron Maiden

Assignment Zero
No Solicitors

Crimson Fist