Crimson Fist

No Solicitors

Session 1-2

The planks of the well-used carriage creaked as it bounced down the uneven cobblestone of the road into Lodenburg. The driver pulled back the reins, slowing the vehicle to a halt as soon as the front wheels were inside the town proper. The door swung open and out stepped a tall, slim figure- Lucian, cleric of Pelor.

He took a brief look around, taking in the sights. Lodenburg was a small town, not on any maps he had seen. Few people walked the streets, which was no surprise to Lucian since he had just seen what must have been half the population of the town, plowing the fields near the road. The most striking feature in sight was a low-set castle overlooking the town, though it wasn’t nearly as striking as it was probably intended to be.

The carriage continued to creak as the rest of its passengers piled out. Saul, a broad-shouldered human with a pair of matched longswords at his waist, walked up beside Lucian. Closely following him was Gorgalac, a brutish half-orc Saul had met long before recruitment to the Crimson Hand. Last was [placeholder for Nick’s inscrutable handwriting], a slender elf with a very noticable spear strapped to his back. He turned and nodded to the Syndicate driver when he was clear of the carriage, who immediately brought the horses around and set out away from the town.

Together the group surveyed the surrounding landscape. The castle was of particular interest to them, as it allegedly housed their objective. It was situated on a steep hill, the stone walls barely necessary because of the sheer natural drop on almost all sides.

After a few moments, Lucian broke the silence. “Front gate?” he proposed. The others nodded.

Two guards stood on alert in front of the castle gate. They eyed the group of armed mercenaries aproaching the castle suspiciously.

“You think it’s them?” one quietly asked the other. “Think they’d send scouts?”

“No, this ain’t anything Relos would pull, not now,” the other replied. “Just keep your wits about ye.”

The first guard cleared his throat when the group grew closer. “What’s your business here?” he demanded.

Lucian turned to the others, who quickly realized that they didn’t have anything resembling a plan. He nervously turned back to the guards, stammering, “Yes, we uh…we’re salesmen. We were looking to speak with Lord Iridel?”

The second guard squinted at them. “You’re awfully well armed for tradesmen,” he said. “Where’s your goods?”

“Well, you see, they’re not with us,” Lucian improvised. “We…had to come see if Iridel was interested in making a purchase, of course. No sense hauling our caravan into town if he isn’t buying!”

“What exactly are you selling?”

“Torture devices,” Lucian shot back. “We have a few very interesting pieces, and we heard about Iridel’s…erm…interest. In them.” He tried to pull out the most convincing smile he could.

DM Comment:
Bluff roll: 17.
Sense Motive roll: 3.

“Ah, well that makes sense then,” said the first guard. “I’m sure Iridel would be happy to speak with you lot. I’ll show you in meself.”

Lucian tried to suppress a smirk. This was too easy.



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