Gorgalac Jr.

Half-orc barbarian


Player: Ben
Half-Orc Barbarian 1


The son of the mighty warrior Gorgalac of the Clawbreaker clan, Gorgalac Jr. was always a troublemaker. He spent much of his youth building his skills so that he could escape the shadow of his absent father, but by the time he reached adulthood he had fallen into a rut of apathy. Content to be merely average, he began to settle into a life of mediocrity. His apathy was nearly his undoing.

One night at dusk, Gorgalac Jr’s hometown in western Galenwresh was attacked by a legion of undead pushing in from the Spire. The raid took the town by surprise, and half of the houses were in flames before any proper defense could be mobilized. A group of skeletons had Gorgalac surrounded and were closing in when a man who had been passing through the town charged into the fray, creating an opening for Gorgalac and saving his life. After the raid was fought off, Gorgalac swore to fight for his savior as a life debt. The man, a traveling mercenary, agreed to take on the extra help. The two hit it off (the human practically had the brains and charm of a half-orc already), and eventually were recruited by a Crimson Hand scout who was under orders to find some sheer brawn for the organization.

Gorgalac Jr.

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