Crimson Hand

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A branch of the shadow organization known as the Syndicate, the Crimson Hand is a militant group of operatives and agents tasked with retrieving, securing, or neutralizing dangerous anomalies. They are a highly structured organization, dividing members into a hierarchy of ranks and teams. At the lower levels, the infrastructure of the Crimson Hand is completely invisible; many agents never interact with any other operatives besides their handler. Because of this, the Hand is very decentralized, and has no true headquarters. Instead, numerous strongholds are established around the globe, staffed by elite, highly trained members. These strongholds are where anomalies are stored after retrieval, and are closely guarded.

Crimson Hand tactics usually rely on two distinct types of field agents: scouts and seekers. Scouts are assigned to a specific area, usually a town or city, and assimilate into the community. They keep tabs on the rumor mill, keeping an open ear for any signs of strange activity or new myths. These findings are sent back to a stronghold via regular updates. If an officer decides that any of the intelligence is worth investigating, they send a seeker team.

Seekers do the Crimson Hand’s dirty work. Made up of a number of diverse operatives, they are intended to be flexible, self-sufficient task forces. Each seeker team is supervised by a handler, who gives them their objectives and maintains contact with them throughout missions. Due to the nature of their assignments, seekers are given far more freedom than other positions in the Hand, though the Syndicate only allows them this flexibility because of the incredibly short life expectancy of a seeker agent.

Crimson Hand

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